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Horse and Livestock Shelters

Horse ShelterIf you're not real tall when you're standing on your wallet or if you're just a tight fisted money manager, you should consider our livestock shelters. An Absolute Steel livestock shelter is the most economical structure available for sheltering your horse from the elements.

Or if you're planning to move in the not too distant future, this is the setup, along with portable corral panels, that you need to consider—it's a smart way to go!

This is virtually the same structure that we sell as a carport and we've done hundreds of them---double wides to 300 unit apartment complexes. So whether you've got one horse or 200, Absolute Steel's livestock shelter could be right for you. From the bottom of the truss or purlin to the ground is a 9'6"; clearance.

Let us know your specific needs—we're the fabricator; we can do whatever you want!

Livestock Holding Area

This structure has an open ridge ventilation system with positive ventilation. In winter, wind blowing across the open ridge creates a suction that draws warm, humid air out of the building. At the same time, fresh, dry, cool air is drawn in through the sidewall openings. Only minimal amounts of rain and snow will enter a properly sized open ridge when a freestall barn is fully populated.

No payments and no interest for 6 months!


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